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What is WrapTag?

WrapTag is a digital certificate that certifies that the merchandise’s ownership. WrapTag uses NFT, NFC technology, and application to offer trust, value, and transparency to authentic collections with irreversible ownership history.

Each authorized item will include a unique WrapTag NFT generated from a confirmed manufacturer's address that cannot be copied.

NFC WrapTag is a physical NFC Tag that contains a WrapTag NFT. To confirm the item's authenticity, the seller might provide an NFC WrapTag with it.

WrapTag app is a decentralized web-based application that lets users scan WrapTag NFC and view the WrapTag NFT stored therein. It also allows vendors to build WrapTag NFT and place it into a blank WrapTag NFC.

About NFC WrapTag?

NFC WrapTag enhances the value of the merchandise. It works as a kind of evidence of ownership that cannot be utilized to identify counterfeit products. NFC WrapTag, on the other hand, is intended to deal with duplication while maintaining a close connection to NFT.

As a result, reputable collectors and genuine manufacturers may incorporate the whole history of an item within WrapTag, particularly the creator's address, which is the best indicator of authenticity.

What is the purpose of WrapTag?

1.Protect Your Brand

WrapTag distinguishes genuine products from counterfeits by employing a non-replicable NFT certificate tied to an NFC Tag. It supports buyers in recognizing genuine items and acts as a deterrent to fraudulent products causing harm to your brand.

2. Enhance Product Value

WrapTag guarantees that your merchandise's authenticity is preserved. It also acknowledges the buyer's ownership of the item purchased, which is recorded on the Blockchain with each unique NFT. It essentially implies that each and every one of your products is distinct and valuable.

3. Join The Future

Because of its unique and irreplicable character, NFT is fast gaining traction in every industry throughout the world. It provides a wonderful answer to branding efforts in certain ways, which forms the future stage of e-commerce. Don't let this fantastic chance pass you by!

How To Start?

Contact Us

Contact WrapTag Inc. via email to get free consulting. It only takes a few minutes.

‌Get Verified

‌We will walk you through a quick verification process and record your Blockchain address.

Get WrapTag

Once the verification process is completed, we will ship your WrapTag order to your mailing address.

Apply WrapTag

Our support team will provide detailed instruction for you to apply WrapTag on your merchandise.

❓FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does NFC stand for?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. NFC works only when your phone or other smart device is in close proximity to a terminal or an NFC tag, giving you full control over what you connect to.

How is NFC different from Bluetooth?

The need for cables to connect your equipment is no longer necessary thanks to Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth and NFC technologies are intended to operate together. NFC and NFC-enabled Bluetooth devices may be paired with a single tap for continuous communication.

What is the physical NFC tag?

A physical NFC Tag contains WrapTag NFT. Each one comes with an encrypted serial number that is recorded on an internal server of WrapTag Inc.

What is NFT?

NFT stands for Non-fungible tokens. An NFT is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items, and videos.

In terms of WrapTag, each tag will be attached to an NFT containing all information such as product ID, images, purchase history, blockchain address, and private key.

Because an NFT allows the buyer to own the original item. It also comes with built-in authentication, which acts as evidence of ownership.

How do I access NFT from the physical NFC tag?

Users to scan NFC WrapTag to inspect the contained NFT through a decentralized web-based application (WrapTag app). Each tag has a unique address and private key registered on our server.

How will you know your products are certified?

When you own a WrapTag, you will reserve the right to create an NFT for the tag on our website. Each tag is attached to each authentic product of yours.

When your customers buy your products along with the WrapTap, they can scan the tag via NFC technology to get their ownership and also ownership history (if available).

Each NFT will contain a unique ID, address, and private key registered on our server.

Can anyone counterfeit the ID attached to WrapTag?

The answer is NO

Each WrapTag NFT is unique and traceable as the transaction history stays permanently on Blockchain along with the address of the creator. With the application of Blockchain technology, the ID attached to NFT cannot be counterfeited.

Is NFC technology secure?

Because of its relatively limited range, many experts believe NFC is intrinsically safe. A hacker must be quite near to you in order to pick up your NFC signal. It's a little too near. In other words, you'd be aware that they were around. The good news is that these sorts of security assaults are tough to carry out in general.

What is WrapTag Point?

WrapTag Point can be purchased by credits card with a value equal to 1 USD.

WrapTag Point is TRC21, Decimal 18 and symbol is WTP.

WrapTag point is used as a transaction fee for sending WrapTag NFT.

If your phone cannot read your NFC tag, what should you do?

In terms of the iPhone. The reading NFC (Felica) IC chip is placed into the upper side of the main body. As a result, position your NFC tag around this area for better readability.

The placement of the IC chip in Android varies based on the model. We recommend that you check the position of the IC chip before scanning your NFC tag.

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